Accessing the cluster

1. Access

The following is needed to access the EENet computing cluster:

1.1 Registration at the ETAIS portal

ETAIS or Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure is an object of Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap that brings together computing and storage resources created for Estonian scientists.

Users can log in to the ETAIS portal with username and password provided by their home institution. For this to work, it is necessary for the institution to have joined TAAT infrastructure and be listed as an Identity Provider.

In the portal users can create an account to be used for SSH login to front-end computers of ETAIS resources.

Account holders are not automatically granted access to the whole ETAIS resources, which are distributed to groups (aka Virtual Organizations, VO). Users are only added to ETAIS group by default, which provides access to a maximum of 5% of the resources. Other groups can also joined at the ETAIS portal.

Instructions for creating an account at the ETAIS portal:

  • Navigate to the portal
  • Login via TAAT with your credentials from the home institution
  • Pick yourself a ETAIS username
  • Upload your SSH public key
  • Accept usage policy

After successful creation of an account you can use an SSH client and ETAIS username (hpc_xxx) to log in to the cluster front-end at

2. Submitting jobs

EENet computing cluster uses SLURM for job scheduling and management.

Documentation and tutorials for SLURM

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